Terms and Conditions of The Writing Coach Paper Review Service:

​Starting on September 1, 2015, if choosing the Monthly Coaching Service Plan, I agree to be billed on the first of each month (with the final billing for the school year being on May 1, 2016) as follows:

  • One Student  . . .  $30/month
  • Two Students  . . .   $55/month
  • Three Students  . . .  $75/month
  • Four Students  . . .  $90/month
  • Each Additional Student  . . .  additional $15/month

If signing up for the School Year Coaching Service Plan, I agree to be billed:

  • One Student  . . .   $245/school year
  • Two Students  . . .  $495/school year
  • Three Students  . . .  $675/school year
  • Each additional student  . . .   additional $135/school year

I understand that summer services are available.

I understand that I can cancel at any point, and that, if I cancel, I am cancelling for the next month’s billing cycle.  I understand that I can still use this service for the remainder of the month in which I cancel.

I understand that The Writing Coach is a service of Tilling Eden, Inc., and that I agree to be billed by that company.

I understand that all communication from The Writing Coach is directed to the parents because The Writing Coach is a service to assist parents to teach their children to write well.

Enroll in the Writing Coach Paper Review Service

Fill out our online application.  After we receive your application, we will send you an email with an invoice for the fee and with an attachment explaining how to send the papers in to The Writing Coach.