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How does it work?

​We come alongside parents and assist them as they seek to train their children how to write. Students in 6th-12th grades ought to write one prepared essay every two weeks as well as one timed essay every two weeks. Many curricula already require that many papers once all the literature, history, and Bible papers they assign are tallied. Our job at The Writing Coach is to read those papers and critique them for style and content. We look at spelling, grammar, structure, and style. We write comments on your child's papers, and we show you what your child did wrong. A student's writing can only improve if someone who knows how to write can critique the writing. With The Writing Coach, your child's work can be reviewed by an instructor and you can receive real feedback on how well your child is doing as well as where your child needs to improve.

​What curriculum do you operate with?

​We work with whatever curriculum you use. You tell us what assignments are due and when they are due. The $30/month fee covers all papers your child writes in that month.

​Who can participate?

​The program is geared for students who are in 6th grade through 12th grade as well as those in college. Anyone who wants to improve their writing and is over the age of 12 years old can participate. This program is not limited to students either in school or college. If you are not a student, contact us about pricing.

​How many papers will you review per month?

​Our flat fee of $30/month covers all papers that your child writes in that month. If your child can write ten papers, we will critique them. We will critique rewrites of a paper up to three times per month with no additional charges.

​Do you grade the essays?

​We provide critiques for your child's papers as well as a report showing where your child needs to improve in his or her writing. We do not actually grade papers. If you want help in assessing what grade you should give your child, we would be willing to assist you in understanding how to set a grade. The goal of this service, however, is to help you teach your child to write well.

​What do you look for in a paper?

​We cover spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, structure, and content. We will explain what is vague in your child's writing. We will critique your child's use of vocabulary, verb tenses, adjectives, and adverbs. The Writing Coach will cover every aspect of writing to give you the feedback you need to guide your child to write well.

​How soon will my essay or paper be edited?​

Our slowest turn-around rate is one week, but we aim to return your paper much more quickly. The speed will depend upon volume when we receive your paper.

Are there any contracts?

No. There are no contracts. However, if you have been charged for a month, you have paid for that month and can use that month. You will not receive a pro-rated refund. You will receive a refund only in the case of a billing error.

How would this program help my child?

Many parents struggle with knowing if their child is writing well or poorly. Even when a child is writing well, many parents struggle with knowing how to improve their child's writing. We come alongside the parents to assist them in showing them what mistakes their child is making in their writing. We will cover every aspect of your child's writing so that you can teach them to communicate clearly through writing. There is no replacement for personal critique when it comes to improving one's skills. Our goal is to help you hone your child's writing skills so that your child learns to write well.

I have problems getting assignments done on time. Will you help me with time management?

Yes. You will need to tell us what your assignments are per month, and we will help you to develop a timeline so that your child can write more papers per month and take advantage of our services more per month.